Competencies - Humanities and Cultural Studies

Architect Clemens HolzmeisterStrong knowledge of the architectural oeuvre of Clemens Holzmeister, very good overview of the source material, research on the Clemens Holzmeister image archive (dissertation in execution) with a research focus on the design concept of Clemens Holzmeister (Architecture as Idea)EN
Evaluation of artists' "Nachlässe" (estates)Assessment of the market value as well as the scientific importance of artists' "Nachlässe" (estates) as well as assistance in the sale of estates (if required).EN
German PaleographyTranscription of German handwritten texts (16th-20th century).EN
Gothic scriptReading and transcribing gothic script from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, including practical experience with Transkribus-softwareEN
Independent consulting for the restoration of artisinal objectsAssessment of damage to artisinal objects (especially furniture, gold leaf, paintings, sculptures)EN
Latin PaleographyTranscription/critical edition of medieval and renaissance texts written in Latin (13th-16th century).EN
Project developmentWe are primarily concerned with bringing new technologies from research into the markets as well as bringing economical requirements closer to science. With this transfer of knowledge and technology, innovations are to be developed, irrespective of whether they are products, services, improved processes, marketing ideas etc. The innovations and the resulting strengthening of the domestic market are based on the bilateral development of ideas. All cooperation projects between science and business are subject to our highest priority: the projects should be of benefit to both partners. This is the only way to ensure that an increase in the competitiveness of both partners is achieved.EN
Research on furnitureEstablishing the authenticity/forgery and the market value of European furniture from all eras. Investigation of the provenance of important historical furniture. Providing expert opinion.EN
Datenbank und Webapplikation / Database and Web Application Ingrid Hayek
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