Competencies - Engineering science/ Architecture

Acoustics Sound and vibration protection in buildings, components and systems (acoustics, measurements and calculation).EN
Analysis of material stability and material degradationThe research focuses on material stability and material degradation in the field of cultural heritage. Investigated materials are building materials, mural paintings or archeological artifacts. Phase transitions, degradation processes and products are characterized and monitored with microscopical and spectroscopical methods. EN
Analysis of potential biogas formationMeasurements and tests for gas formation potential of various substrates and wastes.EN
Binder composition of mortars and plastersBinder composition analysis of mortars and plasters on thin sections using microscopy, SEM, Raman, FTIR, microprobe; on powder samples using XRD, DTA/TG; on fragments using SEM EN
Building Physics Structural optimization of buildings with regard to heat protection, moisture protection and active fire protection systems.EN
Building and HVAC SimulationNumerical simulation of buildings and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) and their interaction.EN
CNC joinery Research & Development in computerized joinery. Development of innovative control systems in robotics. Training programmes at "Abbundzentrum" (joinery centre) in Absam, Tirol.EN
Characterisation of organic binderOrganic binder determination, e.g. in mural paintings, using FTIREN
Characterization of porous mediaDetermination of pore space properties using Hg-porosimetry, BET, water sorption measurementEN
Chemical-biological substrate analysisChemical-biological analysis on the composition of various substrates.EN
Composition of Cement Clinker Analysis of cement clinker composition by means of XRD and Rietveld method.EN
Connection / Joining Technology Design and development of timber joints, especially scientific development of system connectors, including advice on patent application and approval.EN
Daylight and Artificial Light Optimization, simulation and development of natural and artificial lighting systems, efficiency enhancement, development of control systems, measurements for daylight and artificial lighting systems.EN
Design / Outline of electronic circuits with the lowest possible energy consumption Reducing energy consumption of electronic circuits using different methods (clock gating, power gating, sub-threshold operation, etc.).EN
Design Reviews on Integrated Circuits Review of integrated circuits either periodically or upon reaching major milestones. Analysis of the circuit with regard to possible strengths and weaknesses.EN
Datenbank und Webapplikation / Database and Web Application Ingrid Hayek
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