Competencies - Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Bionic technology transfer to developing innovative products and solutions to technical problemsModeration of creativity workshops to find ideas for new products and for resolving technical issues. Literature research in the field of technical biology for transfer into technology. Assistance in experimental design for the evaluation of prototypes. Support in the preparation of texts and media for publication purposes, such as technical documentation and advertising.EN
Bionics and BiotechnologyIn nature's laboratory, probably the largest experiment in the world takes place every day. As in business, only those with the unrivaled best technologies for the area in which they would like to work and live survive. Permanent competition constantly forces nature to new developments. Often the solutions are not obvious to an engineer and therefore provide a creative approach for technical applications to leave old paths. A proven workflow and suitable tools of bionic research help transmit "inventions" of nature into technology and thus provide an approach for structured inventing.EN
GPS-based imparting of knowledge through games ans citizen cienceDevelopment of GPS guided inter-disciplinary learning episodes for mobile platforms (iOS, Android). Development of data collection strategies for citizen science projects.EN
Image analysis of dynamic processesImage data acquisition and computer-assisted acquisition of measured data. Setting up computer work stations with image capture from cameras or other image sources with subsequent analysis of image content. From the image content readings of various types can be extracted, e.g .: Quantification of dynamic processes. Frequency measurement. Activity measurement. Spectral analysis. Dynamic response monitoring. Dynamic room monitoring.EN
Invention and Patent ConsultingIs it a good idea or indeed an invention? Is the technology mature enough for a patent application? Is a patent the ideal too to protect your knowledge or would confidentiality provide better business opportunities? These kind of questions can be discussed in detail with potential inventors and ideal protection strategies can be developedEN
Knowledge managementFrameworks, strategies and measures to manage information and knowledge in organisationsEN
Project developmentWe are primarily concerned with bringing new technologies from research into the markets as well as bringing economical requirements closer to science. With this transfer of knowledge and technology, innovations are to be developed, irrespective of whether they are products, services, improved processes, marketing ideas etc. The innovations and the resulting strengthening of the domestic market are based on the bilateral development of ideas. All cooperation projects between science and business are subject to our highest priority: the projects should be of benefit to both partners. This is the only way to ensure that an increase in the competitiveness of both partners is achieved.EN
Recording and evaluation of soils: description, classification, mapping, ecological assessment, integration into planning decisionsThe evaluation or marking of soils in the field consists of a series of work stages. It begins in the field with the exposure of the soil according to certain rules. This is followed by a very differentiated description of the soil according to established criteria, if appropriate also a sampling for further analyzes. The classification of the soil type into existing classification systems serves the categorization and the subsequent mapping (with a boring rod), if the soils are to be displayed flat (for example for representation in a map). With the surveyed horizon-specific characteristics of the soil and on the basis of additional lab analyzes, assessments of soil performance (for example regarding water and nutrient content) can be used as input for planning decisions.EN
Screening of drugs with Cardiovascular ActivityTesting cardiovascular active drugs for activity using zebrafish as model organisms.EN
Structural equation modeling with PLSMethods and tools for Structural Equation modeling with Partial Least Squares (PLS SEM)EN
Datenbank und Webapplikation / Database and Web Application Ingrid Hayek
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