Competencies - Industry 4.0

CNC joinery Research & Development in computerized joinery. Development of innovative control systems in robotics. Training programmes at "Abbundzentrum" (joinery centre) in Absam, Tirol.EN
Design / Outline of electronic circuits with the lowest possible energy consumption Reducing energy consumption of electronic circuits using different methods (clock gating, power gating, sub-threshold operation, etc.).EN
Design Reviews on Integrated Circuits Review of integrated circuits either periodically or upon reaching major milestones. Analysis of the circuit with regard to possible strengths and weaknesses.EN
Development of customer specific RFID tags Design of passive HF and UHF RFID tags. Standard compliant development of integrated circuits, including prototype production at semiconductor foundry.EN
Embedded SystemsDesign of electronic systems for monitoring, controlling, signal processing, etc.EN
Energy Harvesting Development of circuits which draw their energy from the environment. Possible power sources could be differences in temperature, light, mechanical motion or electromagnetic signals.EN
Expert Opinion on Patent Litigation In patent litigation cases an expert reviewer is often needed on both sides to support the lawyers' line of argument. I offer competent support during the process. This includes the preparation of a report which demonstrates the violation or non-violation of a patent on the basis of analyzes and measurements conducted for this purpose. In addition, I support the analysis of the opposing party's claims aiming to rebut them.EN
Feasibility Study, focus on Electronics Preparation of a technical solution proposal including the estimation of time and cost of prototype development.EN
High-frequency Measurement Measurement of high-frequency electronic circuits and systems. With the measuring technology available at the University of Innsbruck both large- and small-signal measurements within a frequency range of up to 8 GHz or 26 GHz can be conducted. Possible applications include a full characterization of individual circuits using a network analyzer, thus determining S-parameters, as well as other non-linear characteristics. Moreover, the spectrum of a system can be identified with a spectrum analyzer. By the same means, using specialized measuring methods, also oscillators and in particular the phase noise can be determined accurately.EN
IC Development Development of custom integrated circuits. The circuits can consist of digital, analog, high frequency as well as power electronic components. Expertise with various semiconductor technologies: Si CMOS or SiGe BiCMOS from 350nm to 65nm.EN
Image Sensors Design of CMOS image sensors and novel sensor architectures, as well as production thereof through foundry partners.EN
Image analysis of dynamic processesImage data acquisition and computer-assisted acquisition of measured data. Setting up computer work stations with image capture from cameras or other image sources with subsequent analysis of image content. From the image content readings of various types can be extracted, e.g .: Quantification of dynamic processes. Frequency measurement. Activity measurement. Spectral analysis. Dynamic response monitoring. Dynamic room monitoring.EN
Invention and Patent ConsultingIs it a good idea or indeed an invention? Is the technology mature enough for a patent application? Is a patent the ideal too to protect your knowledge or would confidentiality provide better business opportunities? These kind of questions can be discussed in detail with potential inventors and ideal protection strategies can be developedEN
Literature Research on selected Topics of Electronic development Comprehensive survey of the state of the art in research and development through research in conference proceedings and journals. A regular analysis of the main journals and conference proceedings on a specific topic is also possible. EN
Project developmentWe are primarily concerned with bringing new technologies from research into the markets as well as bringing economical requirements closer to science. With this transfer of knowledge and technology, innovations are to be developed, irrespective of whether they are products, services, improved processes, marketing ideas etc. The innovations and the resulting strengthening of the domestic market are based on the bilateral development of ideas. All cooperation projects between science and business are subject to our highest priority: the projects should be of benefit to both partners. This is the only way to ensure that an increase in the competitiveness of both partners is achieved.EN
Datenbank und Webapplikation / Database and Web Application Ingrid Hayek
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